"Sara was an invaluable part of my first time being pregnant and becoming a mom. I had decided early on I wanted to have a doula so I'd have someone knowledgeable and available all through the pregnancy and have a support system that wasn't my family. I love my family but they can be a bit much. She was perfect. Both m y husband and I really got along with her easy going personality. She was also very affordable. I cannot stress that enough. In my research for finding a doula, all were way out of our price range. We aren't well off in anyway, but I didn't want that to come between me and having a good pregnancy and birth. And though my labor and birth didn't go according to our original birth plan, Sara was there for me and was accommodating of the sudden changes. I truly believe my journey into motherhood was much improved with her help and encouragement."

"Sara is incredible!! She is the perfect combination of calm and comforting while still providing excellent advice. Throughout my labor she was a supportive and calming presence, helping me through it. She seems to know just what a woman will need, and I credit her presence as a huge part of my unmedicated delivery. Love her!! :)"

Sara is an amazing doula. I can't imagine having done this without her (I'm most certain I would have ended up needing a C-section). She was key to me having as natural birth as I could have. She stayed during the entire 30 hours, and was so helpful in getting us through labor and delivery. During labor, she suggested many different natural ways to get through the pain - reminding me to change things up - somehow most of what I read or learned prior to labor went out the window the moment the pain became super intense. She was a great coach and supporter throughout the entire process. She knew exactly when to step in when my husband was unsure, overwhelmed or just needed rest. Sara also worked side by side with the nurses and doctor in the most perfect way.
Her knowledge, support and guidance started from day one (week 20 of my pregnancy) and continued even after the birth of our beautiful son! She routinely sent information on many topics (all pertinent information, but not overwhelming). She was instrumental in setting up our birth plan. She always promptly responded to texts, emails or calls.
I would 100% hire her again if needed.
It is with utmost respect that I recommend Sara.

"I had the best birthing experience and have Sara to thank for it. She was very knowledgeable, super informative and knew exactly what to say to put any worries I had at ease. This was my first pregnancy and it could not have gone better. Her outlook and temperament put me more at ease with all the changes my body was going through and made me feel like I was entering a wonderful exclusive club of motherhood. I looked forward to every evolving step. During my labor she gave just the right amount of attentiveness while at the same time maintaining enough space for me to experience my labor in my own way. I would highly recommend her services to anyone. Looking back on my labor I believe that allot of it was mental, during my labor my mind would go back to the things she had told me, affirmations or facts and they were just the tools I needed to stay in the game. Giving birth to my son was the hardest thing I have ever experienced but also the absolute best, it was utterly beautiful, even the pain and Sara played an integral part of that beauty, I am truly grateful."