A birth doula recognizes birth as a life changing experience that the mother will forever remember. It is the doula's role to nurture and protect the memory of this profound experience. By assisting you in preparing for and carrying out the plans for your birth, my goal is to help you feel empowered now and into motherhood. As a doula my job is to support you in whatever decisions you make while helping to build trust and understanding of the birth process.

  • DONA International Trained Birth Doula

    Bini Birth with Ana Paula Markel

  • Introduction to Childbirth Training for Doulas

    Bini Birth with Ana Paula Markel

I am a wife and mother of a four year old, living in Redondo Beach, California.

I have a deep passion for women, families and birth. My goal and joy is to pass that on to the women and families I work with.